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Teens love TikTok. Silicon Valley is trying to stage an intervention.

That simple concept has fueled its rise to quickly become one of the world’s largest social networks and mount the most direct incursion yet by a Chinese company into Silicon Valley’s turf.Now U.S. internet companies are pushing back. Through knockoffs, potential acquisitions and not-so-subtle references to Chinese censorship, TikTok’s competitors have been trying to protect their home turf from the service’s advancement. “So we have a number of approaches that we’re going to take towards this.”Lasso isn’t Facebook’s only hedge against TikTok. The feature allows users to edit videos much like TikTok, splicing clips together and adding music.Copying fast-growing upstarts has been a successful playbook for Facebook. “This is an unfortunate attempt by Mark Zuckerberg to redirect scrutiny onto a competitor that he’s failed to copy.”

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