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The CEO of a Silicon Valley startup was quietly fired after allegedly spending over $75,000 at strip clubs and charging it to a company credit card

Eric Gilmore, the CEO of Silicon Valley startup Turvo, was fired back in May after it was discovered he spent more than $75,000 at strip clubs and expensed it to a company credit card, Bloomberg reported. Gilmore allegedly expensed $76,120 at "adult entertainment venues" over a three-year period, according to a legal filing. The cofounder of a Silicon Valley software startup was fired as CEO earlier this year after he allegedly used his company credit card to expense over $75,000 spent at strip clubs while entertaining clients. Over a three-year period, Gilmore allegedly expensed $76,120 of costs from "adult entertainment venues," according to a legal filing reviewed by Business Insider. In an interview with Bloomberg, Lang was asked if he has tried to "win over prospective clients at stripper joints."

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