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Electric Vehicles This Week: Porsche Taycan, Canada Tests Out First Eplane And More

Related Article: Indian Scientists Look To Produce Cheaper Graphene To Boost EV AdoptionPorsche To Launch EV Taycan In India By 2020German automobile giant Porsche has announced the launch of its all-electric car Taycan for India users. Delhi Govt Begins Work On Installing 75 EV Charging Stations In CityState-run Energy Efficiency Service Ltd (EESL), in collaboration with South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), set up the first EV public charging station in South Delhi. Currently, the ebikes operate in five states across India — Rajasthan, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, and Puducherry. EV News From Around The WorldCanada Tests First Electric PlaneAustralia-based electric motor manufacturer for electric aircraft Magnix and Canada-based seaplane airline Harbour Air tested out the world’s first electric seaplane, DHC-2 de Havilland Beaver, in Canada. Ebikes To Be The Top Selling EV Of Next DecadeAccording to a report by Deloitte, ebikes will outnumber the sales of electric vehicles around the world.

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