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Crypto Finance AG raises €13.3 million to expand its blockchain services

Swiss startup Crypto Finance AG, a blockchain-centered fintech, has successfully completed a Series B investment round, raising around €13.3 million. The aim of Crypto Finance AG is to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology in the global economy, thanks to a range of high-quality financial services. Jan Brzezek, CEO and Founder of Crypto Finance AG, commented: “I am excited to share our Series B funding news. Dr Ming Shu, Lingfeng Capital, commented: “The team at Lingfeng is very impressed with the Crypto Finance AG management and operations. We look forward to building a bridge between Europe and Asia with Crypto Finance, and the convergence of traditional and digital asset classes.”It’s worth noting that Crypto Finance AG is a holding company of Crypto Finance Group, alongside three operational subsidiaries: Crypto Fund AG, one of the first regulated asset managers for crypto assets authorised by FINMA; Crypto Broker AG, active in 24/7 crypto trading; and Crypto Storage AG, providing crypto storage infrastructure and tokenisation solutions.

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