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The looming economic crisis could wipe out female founders' gains in male-dominated Silicon Valley. Experts say childcare is the key in making sure that doesn't happen.

According to a new survey of female founders from startup accelerator 500 Startups, Kaplan's experience has largely been par for the course. The survey, which asked female founders about their challenges in the current climate, found that roughly 1 in 3 female founders found the balancing act between home and work responsibilities to be "extremely challenging or impossible." The new reality, as many female founders have dubbed the current blend of chaos and survival, is hitting woman entrepreneurs particularly hard compared to their male counterparts. Business Insider spoke with six female founders and investors, many of them working moms, to get a sense of what could come next. Childcare is keyThe biggest obstacle facing female founders right now is a lack of childcare options, several female founders told Business Insider.

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