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London-based fintech Plutus partners with Nike for crypto and cash rewards

Users’ crypto assets reside side-by-side with GBP and EUR accounts tethered to a VISA Debit Card, and are spendable with more than 61 million merchants worldwide. Wielding a decentralized exchange (DEX), Plutus Perks, and Plutus Rewards options, users can access a suite of benefits unavailable in the conventional financial system or crypto market. With Nike situated as a prominent affiliate partner, Plutus users can earn additional rewards on specific products as part of the new partnership. Besides some of the explicit rewards benefits with Plutus’ affiliate partners, users can earn larger rewards by staking the PLU token via Plutus’ app. “Importantly, the PLU tokens are trivially convertible to other crypto tokens or fiat,” says founder Daychopan.

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