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Blockchain This Week: Hyderabad-Based Blockchain Startup ChitMonks Raises $650K From Unicorn India Ventures & More

Hyderabad-based blockchain startup ChitMonks recently announced that it has raised $650K (INR 4.91 Cr) in a Pre-Series A funding led by early-stage venture capital firm Unicorn India Ventures. With the help of its blockchain technology platform, regulators will also be able to monitor chit fund operations across the state on the private permitted blockchain network. Singapore Trade Blockchain Gets SME Financing BoostSingapore-based logistics and supply chain management firm Global eTrade Services (GeTS) announced that it has partnered with blockchain startup Shuttle One to integrate with its payments solution ecosystem. GeTS which has developed a digital cross-border trade platform called CALISTA, already uses an open trade blockchain (OTB) platform which allows users to store and share trade documents securely. With this partnership, GeTS gets to integrate this solution with its CALISTA Finance solution.

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