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Haptik Exceeds Q1 Revenue Target With Gaming, Ecommerce Driving Adoption

During the three months from April to June, Haptik acquired clients such as Ola Cabs, JioMart, Hathway, Sunstone University, accounting software Tally, Times Internet and Junglee Games. Vaish also highlighted that ecommerce and telecom saw the biggest jump in adoption by consumers. In the tweet, Vaish also highlighted that Haptik has deployed close to 100 solutions on its platform in this time frame. Currently, it has more than 40 Mn chats and is now the world’s largest WhatsApp chatbot, Haptik has claimed. Earlier in January, Haptik’s senior VP and business head, Kartik Poddar, had told Economic Times that the company is expecting a 4-5 times growth during 2020 due to a strong client pipeline.

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