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Niko Partners: Esports generated $519 million in Asia in 2019, growth continues in pandemic

Esports generated $519 million in revenue in 2019 in Asia, making it No. Overall, Niko found that Asia generated nearly half of all global esports revenue in 2019, hosting big events like Riot Games’ League of Legends Championships. Mobile esports games in Asia generated $13.3 billion in 2019, 68% of global mobile esports games revenue. Alexander Champlin, Niko’s senior analyst of esports, said in an email to GamesBeat that the future of esports is playing out across Asia with respect to esports tournaments, esports tourism, mobile esports, government support, and the development of esports infrastructure. Esports revenue excludes esports game revenue generated by esports game sales, in-app purchases, and other microtransactions.

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