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Life-and-career path platform OwnTrail raises $250K, builds ‘work from garage’ office space

Seattle-based OwnTrail launched in February, just before COVID-19 turned the world upside down — but the startup is weathering the pandemic largely unscathed. OwnTrail has grown to include 1,000 registered users and more than 350 profiles in which users share their career and life paths. The startup recently closed a $250,000 fundraising round and initiated a crowdfunding campaign that runs through late August to raise an additional $20,000. The OwnTrail team recently moved into a converted garage at Bastian’s Seattle home. The three full-time employees— Bastian; Kt McBratney, co-founder and chief brand officer; and Carolyn Dunn, vice president of engineering — have created an inner circle of safe contact and work together in person.

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