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BusPatrol opens Montreal R&D centre, plans to create 150 jobs over two years

US-based startup BusPatrol, which specializes in school transportation safety, has announced the official opening of its downtown Montreal office, which will include the company’s technological development centre. BusPatrol, which was co-founded by Quebec entrepreneur Jean Soulière in 2017, aims to create 150 jobs at its new office over the next two years. Over the next few years, BusPatrol plans to implement a new Quebec supply chain and develop tech to improve crosswalk safety and help reinforce regulations on reserved public transit lanes. RELATED: Montreal’s new international AI research hub opens, announces board of directorsBusPatrol plans to use its new Quebec supply chain to acquire the material it needs to deploy its services in the Canadian and US markets. “The company’s plan to set up a new supply chain in Quebec is also excellent news.”Image courtesy Montréal International

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