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Irish e-scooter start-up gets approval for launch in the UK

Zeus is the latest Irish e-scooter company to make inroads in the UK, receiving approval for its scooter-sharing system to be trialled in various cities. Having first declared its interest to enter the UK market back in July, an Irish e-scooter start-up called Zeus has now received the stamp of approval from the UK government. By the end of this year, the start-up aims to be established in 20 European cities and have 7,000 e-scooters on roads or cycle paths across the continent by 2021. Irish e-scooter successPlans to trial e-scooters in UK cities have been accelerated as a result of Covid-19, with the government looking to explore transport methods that could ease pressure on public transport systems and allow for physical distancing. Speaking in July, Young said he was hoping that the Irish Government would follow the lead of the UK and other European nations by giving the green light to public e-scooter sharing systems.

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