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Silver Lake Co-Investors Infuse Another INR 1.8K Cr In Reliance Retail

Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries on Wednesday (September 30) said that co-investors of the private equity giant Silver Lake will invest an additional INR 1,875 Cr in its retail unit, Reliance Retail, at a pre-money equity value of INR 4.285 Lakh Cr. Reliance Retail funding spree was flagged off by Silver Lake, who invested INR 7,500 Cr for a 1.75% stake at a pre-money equity value of INR 4.21 lakh Cr in September 2020. Overall, Silver Lake and its co-investors have pumped in INR 9,375 Cr in Reliance Retail, which translates into 2.13% equity shares. Silver Lake was established in 1999 by David Roux, Glenn Hutchins, Jim Davidson and Roger McNamee to focus on large-scale investments in leading technology companies. The additional investment from Silver Lake comes a day after Reliance Retail raised INR 3,675 Cr from General Atlantic in exchange for 0.84% equity stake on a fully diluted basis.

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