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Stockholm-based Einride raises €8.5 million to expand its freight service using driverless e-vehicles

Einride, a Swedish startup that develops and provides freight transport solutions using on electric and autonomous vehicles, today announced around €8.5 million Ericsson Venturesin new funding from existing investors led by impact fund – Norrsken VC. Recently, the company launched the Einride Mobility Platform, a cloud-native transport execution system for autonomous, electric and traditional road transportation. With the additional funding and strategic input, the startup Einride plans to continue leading the transition to an autonomous and sustainable future of freight. As one of the largest emitters, what the road transport industry does in the coming years will have an enormous impact on reaching sustainability goals. At Norrsken, we have been with Einride since the beginning, and are proud to continue to support this movement towards electric, autonomous transport,” said Niklas Adalberth, co-founder of Klarna and the Norrsken Foundation.

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