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Silver Lake to invest additional Rs1,875 cr in Reliance Retail Ventures

Global investment firm Silver Lake Partners to invest an additional Rs 1,875 crore in Reliance Retail Ventures, the retail arm of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), the company said in a press statement. “Reliance Industries Limited (‘Reliance Industries’) and Reliance Retail Ventures Limited (‘RRVL’) announced today that co-investors of Silver Lake will invest an additional Rs 1,875 crore into RRVL, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries,” the statement said. This brings the total investment by Silver Lake and its co-investors in Reliance Retail to Rs 9,375 crore. “The latest investment values Reliance Retail at a pre-money equity value of Rs 4.285 lakh crore,” the statement added. Egon Durban, Co-CEO and Managing Partner of Silver Lake, said, “We are delighted to increase our exposure and bring more of our co-investors into this unmatched opportunity.

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