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[Funding alert] Lifestyle startup Rare Planet raises Rs 3.5Cr in pre-Series A led by Uni-M Ventures, Venture Catalyst

Rare Planet, a Kolkata-based retail lifestyle startup, on Monday raised Rs 3.5 crore in a pre-Series A round led by Uni-M Ventures and Venture Catalysts. Commenting on the investment, Nav Bhaiya, Co-founder, Uni-M Ventures, said, "Through product innovation, technology, and scale, Rare Planet is enabling Aatmanirbhar in the real sense. The lifestyle startup aims to promote indigenous Indian handicrafts by empowering local artisans (kaarigars) to become micro-entrepreneurs, thereby providing them with sustainable employment opportunities. To date, Rare Planet has helped over 2,000 artisan families from rural areas to register an average increase of 120 percent in their income. Speaking on the investment, Ranodeep Saha, CEO and Co-founder, Rare Planet, said, “The pandemic has had a major impact on the economy, as well as the investment landscape.

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