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Taxmantra Launches $100 Mn Fund To Invest In India, Southeast Asian Tech Startups

Headquartered in Singapore, ProfitBoard Ventures is a curated growth-stage investment banking firm launched on Tuesday (October 20). ProfitBoard Ventures has already onboarded a consortium of global investors. Alok Patnia, the managing partner of ProfitBoard Ventures, said, “Inadequate capital is the number one roadboack on the path to scale from idea stage, this is where ProfitBoard Ventures will offer quality capital and much required hand-holding to early and growth-stage founders. Our medium-term 3-year goal is to nurture 100+ startups from India and Southeast Asia.”Any startup approaching ProfitBoard Ventures would be required to share their business plans. With the launch of ProfitBoard Ventures, Taxmantra will be taking a more direct role in the investment ecosystem.

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