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4iQ Raises $30M in Series C Funding

4iQ, a Los Angeles, CA-based Cyber Intelligence company, raised $30m in Series C funding. The round was led by ForgePoint Capital and Benhamou Global Ventures, with participation by C5 Capital, Adara Ventures and the addition of TheVentureCity. Led by newly appointed CEO Kailash Ambwani, 4iQ provides adversary intelligence for organizations to measure, monitor and manage digital risk. It powers 4iQ IDHunt™, an identity intelligence and attribution analysis solution used by Fraud Investigation Units, Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Intel Units, and advanced Security Operations Centers. The 4iQ IDLake™ also powers 4iQ IDTheft™, used by some of the largest Identity Theft Protection service providers, security vendors and Enterprises to alert millions of consumers of exposed personal information, prevent account takeover and identity theft.

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