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Floww raises $6.7M for its data-driven marketplace matching founders with investors, based on merit – TechCrunch

Investors include Ramon Mendes De Leon, Duncan Simpson-Craib, Angus Davidson, Stephane Delacote and Pip Baker (Google’s head of Fintech U.K.) and multiple family offices. Floww’s idea is that it showcases startups based on merit only, allowing founders to raise capital by providing investors with data and transparency. Startups have free access to the platform, and a premium model to contact and send their deal to multiple VCs. Floww’s pitch is that VCs can, in turn, manage deal-sourcing, CRM, as well as reporting to their investors and LPs. However, Floww claims to have processed 3,000 startups and says it is rolling out to more than 500 VCs.

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