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This facetious VC schedule went viral on Twitter. Here's why everyone is laughing about it.

A facetious VC schedule went viral on Twitter last week, drawing lots of laughs from the tech community. Logan Bartlett, an investor at Redpoint Ventures, posted a facetious VC schedule on Twitter a few days ago and almost immediately the post went viral, now up to nearly 5,000 likes and 174 retweets. The 'a day in the life' of a Silicon Valley investor starts at 7 am with a Peloton 90s inspired hip-hop ride. Peloton has become a favorite example of Silicon Valley disrupting an industry, in this case the fitness industry. In an interview with Business Insider last week, Conway insists "there's still no place on earth like Silicon Valley" while Rabois tells us so many are fleeing that the next Silicon Valley will soon be built elsewhere.

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