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EV startup e.GO Mobile closes Series B funding round

nd Industrial Investments BV, part of nd Group BV, an international venture capital company, and majority shareholder of Next.e.GO Mobile SE, has successfully closed a Series B equity financing round of over EUR 30 million for Next.e.GO Mobile SE, enabling production to start at its German factory and supporting the company’s growth agenda. With its four-seat passenger car, the e.GO Life, and its disruptive production platform, Next.e.GO Mobile SE is one of the most sustainable electric cars. “We are very satisfied with the success of the Series B financing and more with the quality and impact of our large investors, who have joined Next.e. GO’s initiative to drive the transformation of carbon-free urban mobility and to deliver true lifecycle sustainability, “said Ali Vezvaei, CEO of nd Group BV and member of the Board of Directors of Next.e.GO Mobile SE. “We are very grateful for the continued enthusiasm, commitment and patience of our customers and fans, and we are equally happy to finally accept their requests,” said Professor Günther Schuh, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Next.e .GO Mobile SE.

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