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Electric air taxi startup Volocopter raises €200 million in Series D funding

Germany-based urban air mobility (UAM) firm Volocopter has secured €200 million in new funding as it gears up for certification – and commercialisation – for VoloCity, its electric air taxi. Volocopter has raised €322 million to date, and says it expects its first commercial air taxi routes to be opened within the next two years. Aside from its battery-powered air taxi services, the company is also planning things like VoloDrone for transporting goods, and VoloPort, take-off and landing infrastructure for inner-cities. “No other electric air taxi company has publicly performed as many flights in cities around the world, with full regulatory approval, as Volocopter has. Our VoloCity is the fifth generation of Volocopter aircraft and has a strong path to being the first certified electric air taxi for cities.

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