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GracoRoberts acquires Silmid to expand global presence into UK and Europe

GracoRoberts has entered into an agreement to acquire UK-based Silmid to forge aerospace-focused and specification-driven specialty chemicals distributor around the globe. “We are thrilled to have Andy Nickson and the Silmid team join us in becoming a global and digital leader in aerospace specialty chemicals distribution,” said Jason Caldwell, President and CEO of GracoRoberts. “Together we bring more solutions, expertise and innovation to the global aerospace community than either of us can do alone. “The Silmid vision is founded on a philosophy of Silmid First – being the go-to destination and leading source for products and information. With approximately 200 combined employees, GracoRoberts and Silmid will continue to operate independently from each company’s corporate headquarters in Arlington, TX, and West Midlands, United Kingdom.

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